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Your new beginning: restoring your springtime of life

Springtime inspires us to start anew: to look lovely, to be healthier and well-balanced.

This marks the beginning spring of our renewed spiritual and physical life without regard to seasons and our age.

Such a springtime of renewal regardless of our age or season is provided by the New Beginning programme of health restoration, including important information and practical knowledge to the benefit of self and family.

Springtime is a symbol of all new and starting.

It is a new initiation, regeneration of frozen soil, symphony of unfolding flowers and swelling buds proclaiming the start of a new season to our senses.

A cherishing life with refreshing New Beginning can be compared with a coming spring.

Freedom: this is a correct choice
Correct choice: this is a correct knowledge
Health: this is strong-willed realization of correct knowledge and correct choice in our life


The premises are located in the picturesque area near the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Who we are?

Ester Lietuvietis

Ester Lietuvietis

Основатель и руководитель

Руководитель и настоящий лидер “Нового начала”.
Thank you for visiting our webpage.

My life changed rapidly 25 years ago when I visited Weimer Medical Institute in California, USA and took a training on the NEWSTART health recovery program. I learned the fundamentals of healthy lifestyle and started practicing them in my daily life. For me it was a start of a new life full of searching and wonderful discoveries.

Isaac Newton said: “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”. This saying holds true for my experience as well. I had the privilege of acquainting myself with the work of the best researchers who were trying to find methods of overcoming severe diseases and helping people to live a full life. I abandoned many stereotypes about nutrition and the healthy lifestyle in general. To my great astonishment, I discovered that food can be a reason of many chronic diseases and have a direct influence on their development.

The most important discovery, however, was the idea that making a change is always possible and that one can start a new life and reverse the development of many diseases at any moment. My new lifestyle helped me to reduce my biological age by 20 years. I can easily do up to 100 muscle exercises a day.
In 25 years of practising healthy lifestyle I only once had a cold although bad colds and infections used to be a common thing for me before the lifestyle change. Today no virus can get the best of me. I am not concerned about my age and just live a full life finding joy in every day!

The health recovery program offered by our center is called “New Beginning”. It is based on a very substantial amount of research. The program is being constantly improved and brought up to date with the latest relevant knowledge available. My personal attitude and my practice in the position of the program director are that learning is an endless process.

Today my life is devoted to searching ways of improving health and prolonging life. My main goal is handing over the knowledge and the experience collected throughout the years.

The “New Beginning” lifestyle and recovery center was established as a method of achieving this goal.
Changing one’s lifestyle can be a difficult decision, especially if one has to face the change on their own.

Our support will make the change possible.

Make a strong wish, come to the Center and it will work!

2023 – schedule of sessions:

26 June – 16 July 2023 (3 weeks)

Video tour

This is a short video giving you an idea of how we spend time in the “New Beginning” center.

3-week recovery course includes:

Accommodation in 2-3-bed rooms with all facilities.
Nutritionally and therapeutically balanced meals.
Individually prescribed procedures every day.
Physical exercises based on the recommendations of the Weimar Institute.
Sightseeing and excursions.
Cooking classes.
Health lectures by Ester Lietuvietis, founder and manager of the Health Centre “New Beginning”.

Now, as you have some idea about our activity,

you are invited to have more information about the NEWSTART program.