Our patients testify

I was very depressed and suicidal. From a friend my sister heard about the “New Beginning” Program. She contacted them and soon after we arrived to Estonia. From the start when we were picked up we knew we are on the right way. The white cottage surrounded by the tall pines, the flower beds blooming all around, the songs of all different kinds of birds that were unknown before to us – it all brought a deep peace and a new hope for a dying soul. The “New Beginning” Program was uplifting, inspiring, nurturing and life changing. Thank you Ester, Natasha and your caring, passionate and competent team for giving your guests the tools to improve their own health. The lectures, food, exercise, massage, other procedures was just what I needed. Enjoyed the cooking classes and baking the bread from scratch.The most important thing I did learn is to restore my relationship with my Creator God and allow Him to guide me, only He knows what is the best for me. Also have learned to give a new positive meaning to a negative situation or to a hurtful word. People that hurt others are people with issues and they need to be loved and prayed for. Thank you all for the awesome time I had at the “New Beginning”
Luba Hadgi & Alena Dan

A meeting with nurse Jelena Kistrica

I feel how you look after your patients even when I am back home again. I cannot even imagine any more that my life might have passed without me coming across with the health centre “Uus Algus– the New Beginning” and without taking part in its fascinating health restoring programme. Moreover, I would like to say that I feel really sorry for the people who miss the chance to meet you or hear about you. It feels as if they live their life without seeing anything at all. When I arrived at the health centre I had a female sex hormone malfunctioning problem. After having undergone the programme bleedings stopped and there was no need for any operation. It so happened thanks to the health restoring course “New Beginning”. I take life very seriously and I worry a lot about everything. It often makes me feel down and emotionally exhausted. However, now I can handle anything thanks to the lectures given by Ester. If people listened to these encouraging lectures all the psychologists would be disarmed and their help no longer needed. Those who undergo the health restoration programme get to know how to be happy and thankful for the life given to them, if just for being able to see the sunrise and have a chance to get to know the New Beginning. I am grateful for the opportunity to be with you. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

Yours faithfully

Jelena Kistrica

I live in Słuck, a Belarus town. I most fortunately got information about the health restoration programme New Beginning and had also the opportunity to participate in it. Here I got answers to many of my questions about health. Still, the most important thing about it is that the functioning of my digestive system has recovered. I used to feel pain and heaviness in my stomach. These symptoms are now gone. I am active again, the amount of food I was able to eat went up and have now reached the normal ones. I did some reading about Helicobacter pylori but was sure that my illness was not caused by that bacterium since I had been diagnosed in a regional hospital and the decision of the doctors based on tests seemed fully trustworthy. However, after six years had gone I decided to have it diagnosed again. To my surprise the bacterium had been multiplying for several years while I was trying to find other causes for my illness. In the end the real reason was found. My health before and after the completion of the New Beginning course differs like Heaven differs from Earth. I was given advice in nutrition and health restoration. I have followed it and my health is getting stronger and stronger every day. I used to have fits of allergy during flowering periods but since the summer 2014 these reactions have become less frequent: only a few signs showed last summer. I do believe that everything is repairable and can be achieved by the one who is obedient and ready to accept changes in life that cannot be avoided.
Natalia Poltavec

I am a business lady. Many projects, meetings, no extra time. So, my lifestyle — restaurants, McDonalds, coca-cola, coffee. As a result: a great fatigue, problems with thyroid gland, anemia. Now I am grateful to my friends who sent me to the Centre. The New Beginning became a part of my life. My stay in Estonia is not only sea, sea shore, clean air and forest, it is help and important information, how to live further: long and joyful life. Correct diet: this is special science.

Mentally I understood that I live improperly, badly, however, there was no a pointing finger to show me: THIS IS NECESSARY! I knew that I needed to abandon bad things, and I am grateful that it has occurred now when my body is not yet wholly contaminated. I thought that I could not manage such changes, however, I suddenly saw a great variety of food on the table: quite delicious and easily digested! So I could abandon constant snacks between main meals. I found water here which is needed by us as well as by flowers. I like very much vegetarian candies. I knew that there are many natural sweet products, substituting sugar. I can make even vegetarian hamburgers. In 14 days it became evident that knot on my thyroid gland was decreased. My skin shined, without make-up. It would be my testimony to other people about conservation youth — for long time.

Our patients testify

I thank the Lord for showing me the way to the lecture of Ester Lietuvietis at the time when I was facing major issues with my health.

Her lectures helped me to recover physically and spiritually. And then the Lord showed me his mercy by giving me a chance to stay in this Recovery Center where I experienced his love, care and healing power.

This is a paradise on earth where you can find comfortable rooms, the air with the smells of the sea and the pines, the beautiful nature, the delicious and healthy meals, the visits to the aquatic centre, the walks, the guided tours, singing gospels at the fire and the presence of God everywhere.

My huge thanks to Ester and the whole team who serve the God and the people in need.
God bless you all!

Jelena Loginova

In October 2014 I had a wonderful gift from God, a visit to the NEWSTART Center in Estonia. I had known about the place 6 years ago at the seminar on spiritual and physical recovery given by Ester Lietuvietis in Nizhny Novgorod. My friends who had been there admired the place, so I expected that I would enjoy going there as well.

What I found exceeded my best expectations, it was not just fine but unbelievably wonderful! What happened to me during the three weeks of my stay was a fairy-tale-like experience. Everything around me brought peace, joy and comfort. My heart was warmed by the kindness, the care, the courtesy and the sincere affection of the whole staff. It resembled being a part of a family where everyone prays for you and your needs. Everything was on the top level: the room, the extremely delicious and varied food, the therapy methods, the visit to a wonderful aquatic center, the visit to a riding club with its beautiful horses that you could ride, the exciting guided tours to historical places in Estonia. A guest could play tennis, ride a bicycle, practice Nordic walk along the park trails at any time. The Centre is located in a wonderful place. I will never forget the long walks to the sea along the twisted paths across the pine wood.

My stay was full of wonderful experiences, the most valuable one being the spiritual lectures by Ester Lietuvietis. Those lectures helped me to re-discover the New Testament, the love of Jesus Christ, they brought me peace and inspired me to letting the Lord into my life. I am grateful to God for all that, I am very grateful for the new start of my life with him, for the sincere prayers that were born in my heart during my stay in this wonderful place.

I started feeling better spiritually and physically. Many problems have gone: the insomnia, the pains in the heart area. My eyesight and my general mood improved. I hope that I will be able to revisit this place some time in future! I keep thanking God for my stay in this wonderful place and I am grateful to Ester Lietuvietis, Natalia Holodova, Valentina Tron, Sergei Lyadnov and every member of the team for their affection, hospitality and commitment to helping other people. Thank you!

Jelena Utkina

Producer at broadcasting company Tri Angela

This is a history of Nadezhda Arefieva from St. Petersburg. Verdict of official medicine was: her chronic diseases are not to be recovered due to her age (76 years). However, this prognosis proved to be incorrect: after staying in the NB health group these diseases receded: holecystitis, pyelonephritis, foot edema, insomnia. Nadezhda says: ”Everyone, in any age, has a hope to restore, at least, to improve health”.
Nadezhda Arefieva

It is an immense grace and blessing that I have experienced after my undergoing the health restoration programme “Uus Algus – The New Beginning”. Severe pains made me turn to the doctor. The decision sounded like a verdict – a myoma, despite my being a vegetarian. I was terrified and asked myself what I should do. The problem was that I have an allergy to every painkiller.Then I heard about the health programme New Beginning and it restored my hope. Trying to cope with the situation I joined the on-site course, and received help.After the course, after health supporting nutrients and natural substances a new ultrasound check was carried out. And I heard the doctor say, “Your myoma is practically gone.” The power of faith in love and healing can bring about recovery and remission. You forget your fear and see that there are no incurable diseases for those who have desire and courage to let some major and unavoidable changes into their lives.
Jelena Uglovskaja

Alevtina and Vasilyi Lebedev: “I and my husband, we live and work in the Urals, Ekaterinburg. We have been to the health group to Estonia for two weeks. We became acquainted with main principles of happy life. We would like to tell you, to all who could hear us that our life quality greatly increased in many sides. In addition, we found out that lacking delicacies and gastronomical excesses that are harmful for our health are also essentially saving family budget. The simpler food the more useful it is for our body. The secret of our happy life are in keeping the lows of health and having wisdom for right choices. A free choice is given to men, but we need a wise help. It is to be especially noted that water regime which we had learned here gave very soon quite positive changes in our bodies. Correct diet, water drinking, active lifestyle, positive thinking, loving people, care about people and environment— all this form a basement to constant joy in our life. All the time while we were spending here we were surrounded by care and love. If you visit the “New Beginning” health group, we are sure, you would find out absolutely new, meanwhile true and wonderful world!
Alevtina and Vasilyi Lebedev