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You are invited to take part in the new health recovery programs in 2022.

The new technique by cardiologist and orthomolecular specialist Thomas Levi to restore immunity, cleanse the blood vessels, and to free the whole body from harmful bacteria and viruses. This method uses natural remedies based on microbiology, which replace chemical drugs.

Natural methods based on microbiology that help to prevent and alleviate more than 150 conditions such as epilepsy, sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, etc.

Special diet to help cancer patients, and patients with severe chronic diseases, developed by a team of scientists led by Professor of Biology and cancer researcher Dr. Thomas Seyfried, that is used in more than 100 hospitals in USA, Canada and other countries.

The program developed by Dermatologist Dr Guido Cappare to restore skin cell metabolism using transformative nano agents.

Special wraps and massages for patients with problems of the musculoskeleta systemand joints.

The weight reduction programme – “Loose 2 sizes”.

The assistance programme to alleviate gynecological diseases and infertility problems.

2023 – schedule of sessions:

26 June – 16 July 2023 (3 weeks)


Our Center is located in a picturesque seaside area.
Accommodation in separate 2-bed rooms with all conveniences.
Family suites for 3-4 persons are available.


“Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food” (Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, 460 -356 B.C.)

Development of many chronic diseases, i.e. cardio-vascular diseases, cancers, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, musculoskeletal disorders, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease and many others is closely related to the dietary choices and the lifestyle of the affected individual.
Food digestion and nutrients intake are complex biochemical processes. Finding a diet that would heal and prevent diseases requires research-based knowledge. Insufficient knowledge of nutrients and commonly practiced wrongful dieting may be detrimental to health.

The aim of an individual diet for a patient with any medical condition is finding the required nutrients from the easiest digestible sources. Correctly selected nutrients will help to achieve the necessary pH level in the blood (7.365 to 7.4) and start the regenerative processes in the body.

The New Beginning program involves an individual approach to every person aiming at giving them the best available recovery recommendations. Every visitor is prescribed an individual food regimen that would supply nourishment and promote physical well-being.

Healthy lifestyle has plenty of advantages.
Someone who took part in the program can:
Live longer
Look and feel younger
Be more energetic
Take less medicines (or none!)
Have healthier bones
Prevent calculi formation

Enjoy a plenty of other benefits of healthy lifestyle

In other words, right food can give you a happier new life making you full of energy and health.


Engaging lectures on health based on valuable information obtained by scientists in the scope of our New Beginning Programme. The lectures are conducted by Ester Lietuvietis, the director of New Beginning in the Baltic countries, educated at Weimar Health Institute, California, USA.
The lectures include scientific investigations and conclusions of the following world-known researchers:
From Oxford, Stanford and John Hopkins Universities alongside recent discoveries in the field of public health and disease prevention.
Lifestyle health research carried out by Dr. Hans Diehl, well-known scientist and co-author of the CHIP Program (restorative program for diseases of the coronary arteries and heart).
The lectures of the famous allergist Dr. Sang Lee, Director of the New Start Institute, USA.
Lectures by Ester Lietuvietis have been presented in America, Germany, Moldova, Belarus, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine.


1-2 treatments a day are usually performed according to the condition.

Wrap therapy, compresses and massage for patients with musculoskeletal system and joint disorders.

For people with problems of the musculoskeletal system and joints, special wraps and compresses, massages.

Vapour cabinet with special oils, hydromassage bath with special remedies (tonic, soothing, for higher tonus of immune system etc.).

Water pool and training exercises.

Excursions and Concerts

Excursions in our rest home minibus to local attractions of natural beauty – the cliff-shores of the Paldiski peninsula on the Gulf of Finland, the Keila-Joa waterfall and park, special attractions of the Laulasmaa and Lohusalu seashore and beautiful seaside views of the sun setting across the Gulf of Finland.

A guided tour around Niitvälja riding club with a possibility of a horseback ride.
Music evenings, concerts


Exercises elaborated by Weimar Health Institute. Opportunity for bicycling and exercise walks with ski-poles.


Vacation Packages

7 days

10 days

21 days

Recovery packages

14 days

21 days

3000 €

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