Founders of the international “New Beginning”

Program, and its scientific basis.

Hans Diehl, Dr HSc, MPH,is the director of the Loma Linda University Lifestyle Medicine Institute in California. His, along with Nathan Pritikin’s and Dr. Denis Burkitt’s pioneering accomplishments have shown how many of today’s illnesses are entirely curable by simple modifications of lifestyle. Successful author and researcher, dynamic speaker and leading motivator, he has presented lectures to corporations and governments and held seminars on four continents.The Coronary Health Improvement Project (CHIP) program was inaugurated in the winter of 1988 when Dr. Diehl was invited to Creston, British Columbia, population 5000, to conduct a four week seminar on change of lifestyle for health. Four hundred residents rose to the challenge of taking responsibility for their own health, and thus became the initial graduates of the CHIP program.